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World of Shadows

Severin wants you to venture into Skettis and retrieve 6 Shadow Dusts from the arakkoa that dwell there.
Shadow Dust (6)


Sky Commander Adaris was seriously injured during a Skettis incursion. He's been in and out of consciousness since.

I fear he has succumbed to a feverish delirium. During brief lucid moments he demands that I prepare an elixir made from shadow dust carried by the arakkoa. He seems to believe it will allow him to see into a "world of shadows" where the arakkoa's true leaders dwell.

I do not believe this nonsense for a second, but I fear he won't rest until I obtain such an elixir. Will you help?




You will receive: 4 40  (or 5 15 if completed at level 80)
Elixir of Shadows


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: