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Culinary Crunch

Collect 5 Crunchy Spider Legs and return them to Master Chef Mouldier at Tranquillien in the Ghostlands.
Crunchy Spider Leg (5)


This is intolerable! I have nothing to work with here! Milady asks me to come from Silvermoon City; she deserves cuisine as befits her station. No? But I get here and there is no food. You must go out, <class>, and bring back fresh kills so that I have something to prepare.

Dame Auriferous prefers a crunchy texture to her food. There are plenty of spindleweb lurkers to the southwest on the other side of the Dead Scar. Disgusting, I know, but that's what we have to work with.




You will receive: 6 60 if completed at level 80
Crunchy Spider Surprise Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: